Gliterrati Make Over!

Gliterrati Veronique gets a complete makeover.

Here she is before her trip to the spa. Her hair is a little crunchy.

Who knew that under that pile of curls she was hiding a huge bald spot?

Well we can't let her stay like this for long! Off she goes for a hair transplant!

More to come...

The Bald & the Beautiful!

Gliterrati finally has new hair. In three shades of brunette. I mixed original dark brunette, the shade of original vintage ponytails, Color Magic Midnight, and medium brunette for highlights. I also gave her a widows peak.

Now she is off for makeup and a new haircut and style!....

Ok makeup is done, and she is off to have her hair styled...

Here is Vero after a perm and style.

More fashion shoots to come...

Mix and match!

Today, Veronique tried to channel Jackie O!

Then she had to try on her favorite wedding dress!

Last shots for she is looking for a new home!

By request Veronique in red!