Happy Go Lightly - makeover

Before and after shots.

Here are some pics of her roller set.

Happy after her repaint enhancements, her eyes are now green with gold and sienna flecks, her bottom eyelashes have been removed, and her eyeshadows have been lightened with a sheer coat of gloss pearl. All paint is high quality artists acrylics and sealed with acrylic varnish in a matte finish. Her hair part has been rooted in saran hair fiber from Restoredoll.com. It is a custome blended color that matches Happy's original color very well.

Here are some after shots of the completed doll in various fashions.

Wearing Exotic Beauty's dress, silkstone bracelet, FR earrings, and necklace by Joe Tai.

Here she wears Stolen Magic Silkstone Barbies Fashion, with same jewelery as before.

Here is Happy's ad for Chanel #5

Happy wears the Silkstone Barbie fashion from the New England Escape gift set. Happy will be sold wearing this fashion.

The end...