Glitterati's Makeover Journey...

A Doll Diva's Contest Prize won by Karon in VA.

Chapter 1 - The arrival!

Glitterati arrives... lets check in on her...

"That was a bumpy ride.. but I am here and ready for my makeover... "

"Hey there, can you help me out of this box???...I'm here for the " Spa Treatment!"

"Are you listening to me?  Hello!  Spa guest here!"

"Ok, I guess I will try to get out by myself. This service is not what I expected!"

"This is the Spa?"

"There must be a mistake? Are you sure this is the Robsdolls Spa?"

"Ok, this is better! I guess I just have to take charge around here!"

"Hey, are you boys twins? I love twins!"

"Well, well, I may just stay here longer than I thought! I hope the service here is as good as the attendants!"

Chapter 2...The Haircut!!!!

What a scandal! An undercover photographer for one of the celb rags sneaks into the spa and catches Veronique in a bad hair moment! Of course the photos hit the internet and gossip circuit within minutes of being taken!

Oh no! The rags put her on the cover!

    "I said a trim! What in the world were you thinking?" " I should never let a guy just wearing underwear cut my hair!"

"What is going on? Is that a camera? Stop that guy!"

"Thank goodness for wigs!" 

"I hope this guy can massage better than he cuts hair!"

"Well at least the massage service is good!"

Chapter 3 - New hair color!

A new raven hair color long and straight for now.

Time to enjoy a little wine!

"Flaming Royal Virgin"? Who does this guy think I am???

Now for some dirty dancing!

Get ready to dip! ... My those are big arm muscles!

Nothing like a little wine and dance to perk a girl up!

Now off for the hair cut and style and some new makeup!

Some new makeup!

Chapter 5, Ready to go home!

After a quick stint with the makeup artist and hair stylist, Veronique is ready to go home and show off to all the other girls!