Barbie Learns to Cook (Pink Swirl)!!!

The reproduction doll of Barbie Learns to Cook which was produced in Lemon Blonde and Brunette hair colors has been rerooted to a hot pink hair color that matches her lips.  The doll was not removed from the box liner, her head was carefully removed leaving her body still attached to the box. She was then given a reroot in hot pink saran hair fiber and styled in the perfect swirl style and then the head was placed back on the body in the box. So she is semi never removed from box! LOL...

These pictures may not be used or linked to without my permission.

Front view...

Close up and side view

Full side view showing length of ponytail and pink replacement ribbon.

Full view, you can see that her body is still attached to the linner and has not been removed.

Back view of linner to show that her body was not removed.

The other side view, showing the beautiful swirl!

Full view in the box, complete as she will ship.