Vintage Inspired Silkstone - Sold!!!

Here is my first vintage inspired Silkstone Barbie makeover doll. She started out as a brunette 45th anniversary Silkstone Barbie and was given a hair cut, boil perm, most of her face paint was removed and she was repainted with an updated vintage Barbie look. She is not meant to be a copy of a vintage Barbie, but her makeup is just inspired by the vintage dolls. Here eyes are shades of blue with sapphire and amethyst highlights, her lips are the original Barbie red and her nostrils have been painted as well, just like vintage Barbie. Her eyebrows are the original silkstone eyebrows, and her eye shadow is the vintage blue shade, touches of amethyst have been added around the eyes, she has the vintage look of heavy black eyelash ridges. Her hair can be combed and is soft and full. Her makeup has been painted with high quality artist acrylics and sealed. The doll will be sold nude. She models one of my OOAK couture cocktail ensembles.

Here is a before picture:

Here are the after pictures, note she models one of my OOAK Couture fashions "Crimson Allure".