OOAK Dolls for room sales at the Wu Event III.

Sneak peek pictures of dolls and fashions available for sale at the Jason Wu Event III. There are a lot of pictures so please be patient while they load. Please look for my room sales flyers at the Jason Wu Event III. Look for my logo!

All the dolls have been rerooted, and repainted, and come with the black tube dress.

Adele with many titian highlights, a razor haircut, new makeup. Sold.

Adele with Chaud Blonde hair color and ultra pale gold eyes. Sold.

Adele with Color Magic Ruby Red hair, pale sienna and gold eyes.

Erin with custom blend of titian hair, blue eyes, and diamond nose ring. Also showing her teeth.

Isha with Golden Girl hair color, sienna eyes, diamond nose ring, and bindi. Sold!

Isha with a hand blended hair color I call Cherry Cola, green eyes, ruby nose ring, and bindi. Sold!

Kyori with Platinum hair in a glamorous 50's style, and sienna and gold eyes. Sold.

Kyori with Noir black hair and water blue eyes. Inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha. Sold.

Kyori with Caddy Red hair and blue eyes. Sold.

Nadja with Color Magic Midnight hair and a muted color palette makeup. Sold.

Natalia with two tone custom blended blonde hair with green eyes. Sold!

Natalia with custom titian blends hair and sienna eyes. Sold.

Veronique with blonde hair and green eyes.  Sold.

Veronique with Cognac hair and brown and gold eyes. Sold.

Veronique in raven hair with blue eyes. Sold.

A couple of fashions that will be available...

First up is "Blush" Sold.

This second fashion is "Breeze" Sold.

A few group shots.

Where are all our shoes?

Chatting and chatting away!

Why do we have to all wear the same thing?

Candid pics behind the scene!...